What is an interior designer

So, what is interior design and why would I want to employ an interior designer? Interior design is a combination of both the science and art behind enhancing the interior of a building to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who use the space. An interior designer is the professional who makes all this possible!

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Interior Design- What is Interior Design all about?

Interior Design is the art of making a space more desirable for the people who live it. Interior design can be utilised in both a residential and commercial setting and can vastly improve the interior of a space, creating a space that functions well and looks attractive to the user.

Within the remit of interior design, there are often several different professionals involved as well as several stages to a project. From the outset, it is not always obvious what each of these individuals is responsible for or what each element of a project involves so I will explain a little about the most common interior design terms and the professionals who may be involved in a project.

Interior Designer

As an example, one of our Interior designer in west London creates interior spaces which are both beautiful and functional by determining the requirements necessary to make the space function for that particular client as well as choosing colours, lighting schemes and layouts that work well in the space. For every interior design project, an interior designer has to research, plan and coordinate each element of interior decoration to create an interior space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are several pros and cons when it comes to having interior designers to come in and do your homes, like their added design expertise and your loss of control when it comes to some decisions.

It is important for an interior designer to fully understand what the client wants to create aesthetically as well as the functionality of the space. Space planning is an essential component to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior design. The interior space can be divided through the clever placement of furniture and rugs in order to produce a natural flow through the room.

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Interior Decorator

Interior decorators help to create the look and feel of a space by choosing certain key design elements such as paint, furniture, and textiles. The aim of an interior decorator is to create an interior space that has a design and decoration that the client adores. An interior decorator will often work with a whole host of other professionals, such as architects and designers in order to complete the entire project.

Interior Architects

Interior architects create designs for all aspects of interior space. Interior architecture focuses on the functionality of a space where as an interior design does take into account the functionality but additionally incorporates the aesthetics of an interior.

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a visual presentation of images, designs and samples of possible components of a project. Mood boards are usually produced during the initial stages of an interior design project and set the tone for the entire re-design.

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What is Space Planning within Interior Design?

When designing, an interior designer must also keep in mind the use of the space, in particular when considering the lighting and acoustics. A well laid out lighting design can set the tone for the entire space. The final stages of any design project is the decoration.

An Interior Designer must select each element of the design from the floor covering to wall coverings to the furniture. It is at this stage an interior design project really knits together. Mixing different textures and tones, designers work closely with the client to establish a colour palette and build upon this within their designs.

Within the remit of interior design, there are often several different professionals involved. From the outset, it is not always obvious what is the scope of work for each of these individuals.

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What is a Design Concept within an Interior Design Project?

Concept design is used by a whole host of designers, not just in interior design. For interior designers, it is the very initial stages of a design project. It is the stage at which ideas are formulated and initial designs produced. It is at this stage which initial colour themes and styles begin to form, and the interior design project starts to take on a particular theme.

Each of these individual elements of an interior design proposal come together to form the overall project and to hopefully produce a result which is a complete transformation of the space. Now it is time to find an interior designer that will help you to design your house.