Top tips for making your home more welcoming

The Comfy style

We all want our home to be cosy and welcoming but how do we do this without compromising on style and practicality. We often have clients ask us to recreate the look of a hotel or show home in their own house. Whilst this is a very desirable look, it’s not without its challenges. Clever storage options and hidden details are the key to creating a look with is seamless and elegant. Built in storage units, whether these be cupboards or open shelving are an excellent idea to accommodate day to day items which you may not necessarily want on show. Similarly, storage solutions contained within items which also function as pieces of furniture are also a great option, such as storage pouffes or ottomans.

Incorporating artwork on the walls will instantly make your home feel a much more interesting and inviting space. Mixing artwork with photos of you and your family or friends can be a great way to incorporate a personal touch into a room. Similarly, utilising homeware or artwork which has been sourced from personal travels can really inject a touch of your personality into a space.  Plants are another addition which can really enhance a room. They add a splash of colour, whilst providing a natural vibe and can even help to purify the air. Maybe you can consider incorporating an indoor garden in your living space. The indoor plant market has exploded in the UK in recent years so there is a whole host of different plants out there to suits all types of homes and spaces.

One of the most important elements of any room re-design is the lighting. Lighting can do so much more than simply provide light. It can create mood and atmosphere in a room as well as setting the tone for activities that take place in the space. A well-designed lighting plan is key to the overall effect and is something we always prioritise in every element of a design. Soft lamp lighting can create a warm cosy atmosphere whilst, well placed task lighting can be essential for certain tasks such as reading and sewing.